These are 6 of the biggest entrepreneurial, business, academic, professional opportunities I see for our lifetime. This is not an assessment based on objective or thorough research (that’s why there are no references). This is based purely on my personal understanding and interpretation of the weak signals I get.The ranking is from the most obvious to the least obvious (and most impactful).

Where will our future lead us?

6. Shared Mobility

To clarify from the get-go, shared mobility means car-sharing (free-float: ShareNow, CityLink; P2P: Turo, Getaround), bike-sharing / micro-mobility (Lime, Bird, Voi, Tier), ride-sharing (BlaBlaCar, Waze Carpool), ride-hailing (Uber, Lyft, Didi, Grab), as well as on-demand transit / DRT…

People ask me what cryptocurrency or token to invest in. As in most cases, the best investment is in your own education. Follow and surround yourself with the best people to learn from!

This year I discovered the crypto community of Twitter and decided to drastically reduce my time on Facebook. Not everyone relevant in crypto is on Twitter, but if they’re on any social network, it’s probably Twitter.

Why? Brevity. Reach. Quality.

See below their name (link to Twitter profile), one reason to follow them, and a representative tweet (imo).

1. Nick Szabo

Described smart contracts in 1994. Came…

Later edit: watch this video!

I’ve always wondered about China’s role in the World. I travelled there twice in the past two years and I’ve learned some insightful things.

In 2015, in Hongkong, I got a chance to see first-hand how pro-market policies impact progress and prosperity.

These are some of the lessons I learned while researching, raising investment, setting up, managing, and handing over EasyRide, Mongolia’s leading ridehailing app venture:


  1. Little or no competition could mean the market is not ready.
  2. Draft business models, but decide only after you understand the users. Establish a simple pricing system.
  3. There is always a sales funnel. Draw it, understand it, and optimise based on it!
  4. Don’t do any marketing for which you can’t measure ROI (i.e. you can’t know if it worked or not).
  5. When you list benefits, think how each of them could…

I wonder what happens if we wonder more

I’ve been asking myself: when it comes to online communication, is it better to fly under the radar and mind our own business, OR to ride the social media wave and get our ideas out there?

Here are a few arguments in favour of the latter approach and why getting out of our comfort zone, when it comes to online debates, might be a good thing.

1. Incentive to research the topic at hand

Curious as we might be, when there are no immediate incentives or risks, we tend to indefinitely postpone learning about a subject.

BUT, if we’re somewhat…

Tudor Iliescu

In pursuit of clarity.

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